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Originator Pricing Insight

Originator Pricing Insight

Leverage real-time, fully adjusted pricing comparisons to market competitors by lending volume, MSA, and more.

View actionable comparisons of your current best execution pricing in real time—for any product—against other mortgage lenders in any given market segment.


Actionable and
Real-Time Price Comparisons

With access to 900+ mortgage lenders, Originator Pricing Insight provides visibility into one of the industry’s largest bases of lenders across the country. This enables users to easily identify how their product’s current best execution pricing compares to others within any given market segment.

Since pricing comparisons are displayed in real time, you can easily adjust margins and republish as necessary to compete smarter and more effectively every day.

Actionable & Real-time Price Comparisons
Pre-configure & Save Common Searches


Pre-Configure and Save Common Search Scenarios

Model any pricing scenario and easily come back to it later in just a single click. With the ability to pre-configure and save your most common searches, you can easily search nationwide using unique and simple drop-down parameters and filtering options. Originator Pricing Insight helps you work much more efficiently and confidently.


Comprehensive Reporting in Seconds

Scheduled reports that track your pricing position in any marketplace are configured in just a matter of clicks. These reports can be automatically emailed to select team members and executives on predetermined schedules.

Configure and deliver automatic, on-demand reports by parameters such as:

  • Time of day
  • Day of the week
  • State or MSA
    Comprehensive Reporting in Seconds

    Expanding into new markets was made much easier with access to competitive pricing insights and information. Now, we can plot our best execution price against the best price of lenders in any given MSA.

    Kimberly Melton

    What To Look For in a Real-Time Price Comparison Tool

    Hi, I’m Kimberly Melton. As a Team Manager in the Client Services department, I am constantly telling our clients about the myriad of benefits that come with using the Originator Pricing Insight solution. This advanced tool provides actual rates and live pricing so that today’s leading mortgage lenders can confidently go about their work and truly price competitively. It’s not survey pricing results like our competitors offer, but rather, real-time and actionable insight into what makes an effective pricing strategy.


    Filter Searches to Your Unique Business Need

    By Location

    Leverage Originator Pricing Insight to search and compare your pricing in specific geographical areas, by parameters such as MSA, state, or nationwide.

    Powerful Data and Reporting Capabilities

    Make informative comparisons by institution or lender type, or search and compare by high, medium, or low volume lenders.

    By Product

    Query by product loan attributes, including but not limited to:

    • Loan purpose
    • Loan amount and/or loan type
    • Conforming versus non-conforming
    • Loan-to-value


    Be More Competitive with Actionable Data and Analytics

    Lenders are experiencing a surge in production, requiring access to real-time business intelligence to understand how well they perform. Discover innovative tools to gauge performance through dynamic visualizations that illustrate market position, compare margins and profitability, and assess the effectiveness of operational strategies.


    Enable Better Decisions

    Leverage the full suite of actionable data and analytics to visualize and track performance, compare profit margins, and assess the effectiveness of secondary marketing strategies.

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    Competitive analytics

    market analytics