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Optimal Blue PPE

Provide borrowers the right product at the best price for a variety of mortgage financing scenarios.

The Optimal Blue Product, Pricing & Eligibility (PPE) engine delivers comprehensive functionality, enhances workflow efficiencies and enables mortgage lenders to stay competitive and more confidently execute profitable lending strategies.

Enhance Your Quoting with BESTX Pricing

Enhance Quoting with Best Execution Pricing

Confidently provide borrowers with the right product at the best price. With the Optimal Blue PPE’s advanced best execution pricing capabilities, lenders can customize their pricing to fit their unique business needs.

  • Scenario-specific pricing
  • Best pricing alternatives
  • Side-by-side price comparisons
  • Create custom-blended pricing


Expand Your Product Offering

Compete and differentiate your mortgage operation from competitors by leveraging the Optimal Blue PPE to gain access to hundreds of investors that offer thousands of mortgage products. Robust product support for all mortgage types, including:

  • Conforming
  • Non-conforming
  • Government
  • Housing Finance Authority (HFA)
  • Expanded guidelines
  • Portfolio
  • Construction-only
  • Construction-to-permanent
Expand Your Product Offering
Work Smarter with Lights-Out Lock Desk

Work Smarter with Lights-Out Lock Desk

Create new efficiencies and save valuable time by automating key workflows within your lock desk. There are several ways to automate, all of which can be tailored to your specific operational processes. Pick and choose where you leverage auto-accepting throughout workflows like:

  • Lock requests
  • Price concessions
  • Lock extensions
  • Profile and product changes
  • Relocks


Leverage Best Execution for More Than Just Rates

Exceed consumer expectations by providing them with the lowest mortgage insurance premiums across all six MI providers. With the BESTX™ MI service, lenders benefit from:

  • Client and scenario-specific premiums
  • Side-by-side price comparisons
  • Premium type comparisons
  • Best pricing alternatives
Utilize BESTX for More Than Just Rates

“We see Optimal Blue as a profit center, we don’t see it as a cost. The
way that we are able to strategize our pricing actually turns the PPE from a monthly cost to a net/net gain in that $20,000–$30,000/month range.”

Cheryl Messner

What should you look for in a Product, Pricing & Eligibility engine?

I’m Tiffany McGarry, Director of Product Management for our industry leading Product & Pricing Solution. For close to two decades, the Optimal Blue PPE has been leading the industry with product and pricing innovation. We are continually enhancing the functionality of our PPE to deliver what lenders need to better serve borrowers and compete more effectively. We would love to share what we’ve learned through a personalized, no-cost consultation and provide you with a new, fresh perspective on just what to look for in a PPE.


Maximize the Power of Your PPE

Engagement & eQuoting

Initiate leads and enhance the consumer experience with accurate and compliant pricing tools, like:

  • Quick Quote
  • Featured Rates
  • Target Rate Emails
Online Advertising

Generate more borrower leads with turnkey integrations to leading online advertising and eQuoting solutions, like LendingTree®.

Optimal Blue Originator APIs Library

Develop custom integrations between in-house systems and Black Knight’s secondary marketing technology solutions.

  • Scenario Pricing APIs
  • Pipeline & Initial Lock APIs
  • Post-Lock Changes APIs
  • Lock Desk Management APIs


8 Reasons to Automate Your Secondary Marketing

Complicated secondary marketing processes are often resource intensive, which creates opportunities for mortgage lenders to deploy technology to improve operational efficiency, decision making and growth. This white paper describes why lenders must automate secondary marketing functions to grow in today’s competitive environment.


Accelerate Your Business

Leverage other secondary marketing technologies, robust automation and actionable data to improve accuracy, maximize profitability and workflow efficiencies, and create corporate transparency.


Loan Trading

Competitive Analytics