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Market Analytics

Inform profitable decision making using our comprehensive and proprietary mortgage market data.

The Market Analytics solution provides the earliest and most comprehensive profile of the primary mortgage market for investment, operations, and marketing professionals nationwide.


Model With the Most Accurate Industry Rates

Leverage our highly granular and near real time mortgage rate data to analyze primary mortgage market rate trends that drive the performance of secondary market assets.

Utilize our unique mortgage rate data to build and tune portfolio models including:

  • Prepayment modeling
  • Valuation modeling
  • Risk management modeling
Model with the Most Accurate Industry Rates
Predict Tends with Leading Market Data


Identify Trends With Leading Market Data

Gain a market edge by identifying key macroeconomic housing trends and mortgage metrics in advance of their release, such as:

  • Existing homes sales forecasts
  • Home price trends and indices
  • Industry refinance trends
  • Mortgage rate and volume trends


Discover Opportunities in the Detail

Focus your resources by locating attractive geographies and demographics to offer products, direct marketing, or allocate capital. View our market data by:

  • City, MSA, county, and state
  • Business channel type
  • Institution type
Discover Opportunities In The Detail
Understand Borrower Composition


Understand Borrower Composition

Explore the most common borrower profiles over time to better understand overall mortgage market composition. You can also filter this mortgage market analytics data by:

  • Borrower LTV, DTI, and FICO scores
  • Loan amount and loan purpose
  • Property type and loan type

    As the technology platform supporting approximately 35% of all mortgage rate locks nationwide, we sit atop a sea of mortgage data that is extremely unique, explicitly granular, and highly predictive with critical industry outcomes such as home prices, rate trends, and volumes.

    Brennan O'Connel

    Learn What Differentiates Our Mortgage Market Data

    My name is Brennan O’Connell and I’m a Data Solutions Manager. What’s unique about Market Analytics is that the solution provides a daily, comprehensive array of transaction-specific data points that support several practical use cases, including Market Research, Custom Benchmarking, Valuation and Performance, and Proprietary Forecasting. We would love to explore your unique business needs and are confident that our primary mortgage market data can serve as a compelling value-add for your organization as well. Ready to get started?


    Raw Data Access and Export of Market Data

    "Do-It-Yourself" Raw Data Access

    Leverage an automated, raw data access solution to connect to your internal data warehouse, support custom analytics, and uniquely integrate with in-house visualization solutions.

    Valuable Data and Analytics

    Leverage direct access to Optimal Blue’s market data for the analysis of trends, relationships, and statistics of rate lock activity, change requests, margin management, and price concessions across business channels.

    Improve Organizational Efficiencies

    Directly query a replicated subset of mortgage market data to determine where action may be needed to improve efficiencies and maximize profitably.


    How Data Can Help Lenders React to Market Trends

    The first quarter of 2020 ushered in a sea of change, including a worldwide pandemic, national and state stay-at-home orders, significant economic challenges, business shutdowns, record unemployment, and more. No matter what comes next, successful mortgage lenders have learned that maximum market transparency is the key to anticipating and understanding rapidly changing conditions.

    Real-time data provides highly sought-after insights into competitive position, market trends and risk mitigation strategies during uncertain times.


    Enable Better Decisions

    Leverage the full suite of actionable data and analytics to visualize and track performance, compare profit margins, and assess the effectiveness of secondary marketing strategies.

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