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Mandatory Analytics

Mandatory Analytics

Benchmark and analyze mandatory commitments on the secondary mortgage market with a dynamic and interactive data dashboard.

Mandatory Analytics enables investors to draw clarity on the competitiveness of their executions, identify and isolate gaps in their strategy, and take action to better optimize organizational efforts—all from within a single, unified portal.

Mandatory Investor Bid Pricing and Execution Analysis

Today’s secondary mortgage market is one marked by intense volatility and fierce competition. One of the best tools that today’s leading mandatory investors have at their disposal is access to precise, accurate and timely data. Mandatory Analytics provides our investor clients with transparency, allowing them to identify where execution efforts are succeeding, where they are losing to the market, and why.

Ultimately, Mandatory Analytics delivers the kind of actionable intelligence needed to make informed execution strategy shifts that result in greater returns.

A Unique, Innovative Solution

Investors can observe ongoing market trends at the monthly, weekly or daily level, and a nightly refresh of the robust dataset provides a timely look at scenarios. Rich loan-level reporting enables users to easily upload this data into their own infrastructure for additional, more granular and custom reporting.

Interactive, unified portal for strategic investor analysis and benchmarking

Displays ongoing and historical pricing comparisons on all potential and actual executions

Uniquely tailored to each individual investor, promoting individualized analysis

 Measure the success of executions in comparison to overall market performance