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Loansifter PPE

Win more business with the Loansifter PPE, your gateway to hundreds of investors and thousands of products.

The Loansifter PPE supports best execution searches across 120+ wholesale investors, allowing leading brokers to stay competitive and confidently execute profitable lending strategies. Gain access to rates in a matter of minutes via an immediate, self-service set up—no demo required.






Best Execution Product and Pricing

Sophisticated Price Manager Functionality

Custom Search Defaults

Configure Incentives and LO Compensation

Save and Price Scenarios in One Click




Everything in the Base Subscription, Plus:

Direct LOS Integration to

Calyx Point® or Encompass®





LendingTree Long Form



Best Execution Across More than 120 Investors

The Loansifter PPE calculates best execution product, eligibility and pricing for financing scenarios across over one hundred investors and thousands of products—in just seconds. With a single click, you can view a complete price grid and guidelines for more than 120+ wholesale investors.

Save time by establishing your own search criteria defaults or through a direct LOS integration with Calyx Point®or Encompass®. The features available in the Loansifter PPE platform significantly improve workflow efficiencies and give brokers the confidence to quote the best execution, every time.


Save Scenarios and Customize Search Defaults

More brokers rely on the Loansifter PPE because the platform makes it extremely easy to create, manage and reprice saved scenarios for any contact—all with just a single click.

Customization allows you to adapt search defaults to match your most common loan scenarios and even create investor groups, so you search only the investors you work with most often. This flexibility enables you to get quotes with fewer clicks and view results faster than ever before.

Save Scenarios & Customize Defaults
Locate New Opportunities for Borrowers

Locate New Opportunities for Borrowers

Not only can you access the rates of investors in a matter of minutes via an immediate, self-service set up—no demo required—the Loansifter PPE also allows you to seamlessly access the promotional rates of investors you might not even know about. Let us introduce you and get the approval process started.

This unique capability puts valuable information at your fingertips and can potentially create a host of new opportunities for your borrowers.


Configure Incentives and LO Compensation

In today’s highly competitive environment, investors will sometimes offer incentives for specific scenarios or products that are locked within certain time periods. The Loansifter PPE’s Price Manager tool enables you to automatically create and add such incentives to your results for a true best execution experience. Establish your own parameters for any adjustment, so maintenance is easy. Similarly, the configuration of dynamic LO compensation plans—by individual investor, by property state, or globally—can be achieved in seconds.

Configure Incentives & LO Compensation

C2 Financial


“I can’t imagine C2 Financial, or any successful broker for that matter, being in business without the Loansifter PPE. The ability to discover the best available pricing across hundreds of investors and quote it to the borrower in seconds is unmatched in the industry.”

Kate Heckner

The Industry’s Choice for Mortgage Brokers

Hi, I’m Kate Heckner, a Client Support Specialist for the Loansifter PPE solution. The Loansifter PPE has remained the industry’s choice for leading mortgage brokers because it enables them to leverage enterprise product and pricing functionality at a low cost. Subscriptions start at just $79 per month and users can also opt for a direct LOS integration for only an additional $20 per month. We know today’s leading brokers are busy! The Loansifter PPE allows you to gain access to rates in a matter of minutes, no demo required.


Maximize the Power of the Loansifter PPE

Extensive Investor Content

The Loansifter PPE supports best execution searches across more than 120 wholesale investors, granting you easy access to the industry’s largest network of wholesale investors.

LOS Integration

Save valuable time and significantly improve day-to-day workflow efficiencies through a direct LOS integration with Calyx Point® or Encompass®.

Price Manager

Create built-in pricing adjustment rules that are unique to your business needs. You can also establish parameters for specific investors and/or loan scenarios.

Online Quoting

Get started in minutes to price your LendingTree Long Form leads with custom filters, multiple pricing options and system supported investor fees.


Watch the Loansifter PPE in Action

Having remained the industry’s choice for leading brokers for over a decade, the Loansifter PPE has processed millions of quotes for hundreds of thousands of mortgage brokers—and we know you’re busy. While a demo is not required, we created a quick overview video highlighting the comprehensive features and functionality of the Loansifter PPE.

We invite you to take a look at the brand-new and completely modernized interface. We are confident you will want to get started accessing rates right away. Subscribing only takes a few minutes, so what are you waiting for?