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Loan Trading

Resitrader is the largest online loan trading auction, delivered in a live, secure and cloud-based environment.

Our sophisticated and interactive loan trading solution enables buyers, sellers and their advisors to transact in real time, using an auction process to simplify the way they work—all within a single, integrated platform.


Maximize Gains with Loan Sale Automation

With Resitrader, whole loan trading is controlled and secure. Eliminate the need to email separate bids to investors and manually attach bid tapes, while increasing data security along the way. Receive live bids in real time and turn around trades in minutes versus days.

  • Leverage a true auction environment
  • Immediate investor notifications of offers
  • Your offers are posted with set deadlines
  • More geo-dispersed buyers in one place
Maximize Gains with Loan Sale Automation
Experience a True Network Effect & Win


Experience a True Network Effect

More loan buyers and sellers create a true network effect, unlike any other in the industry. That network enables different parties to find and engage with each other in near real time. The bigger it gets, the better it gets.

  • View available offerings and active bids
  • All completed trades tracked in one place
  • Instant, online bidding reduces market risk
  • Post axes to communicate buying needs


Easily Automate and Finalize Trades

Buyers and sellers can leverage expansive trade monitoring automation so that critical details are not only collected, but stored and updated in one place. Each counterparty can view the specific details of the loan trades they were involved in.

  • See all trade parameters in one place
  • View and download trade confirmations
  • Link to detailed executive reports
  • View LOS upload status
Automate & Finalize Trades with Ease
Leverage Comprehensive Integrations


Leverage Comprehensive Integrations

The Resitrader platform receives live agency pricing for both servicing retained and released options from Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. Because it is integrated with the Optimal Blue PPE, you can access the true best execution across multiple servicers.

We are also proud to be one of the industry’s first vendors to directly integrate with Fannie Mae’s Servicing Marketplace® Co-Issue Program. This program has been well received by clients and we already have a large number that are leveraging this connection.

The solution also integrates with leading loan origination systems to help keep important data updated in your processing system of record.


“We have been able to significantly streamline processes by leveraging the Resitrader marketplace. Also, the full integration with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac really makes all loan delivery options available to us!”

John Ardy

What is Resitrader and how exactly does it work?

My name is John Ardy, Co-Founder of the Resitrader loan trading solution. Our comprehensive and interactive platform has experienced rather significant growth over the last few years in trading volume, participant growth and the expansion of offerings, but this video is dedicated to the basics. Watch as I define how Resitrader works and how the solution has proved its reputation as an industry destination for digital loan trading. Check it out below!


Maximize the Power of Your Loan Trading Solution

Benefits to Buyers

Hundreds of engaged buyers and sellers are conveniently brought together in the Resitrader marketplace. Unrivaled functionality includes axe posts, chat, shadow bids, counterparty approvals and so much more.

Benefits to Sellers

As the mortgage industry’s only fully automated loan trading solution, Resitrader by Optimal Blue ensures the highest gain on sale with comprehensive delivery execution comparison functionality.

Trade Settlement Automation

Embedded investor commitment functionality enables real-time executions within a few clicks, while investor color reports and bid- offer- trade- settlement details ensure maximum visibility.


Manage Pipeline Risk and Trade Loans Efficiently

Harnesses the power of the industry’s only fully integrated hedge analytics and loan trading platform to manage pipelines, mitigate risk, improve profitability and achieve the highest gain on every sale. Attendees will discover comprehensive functionalities that will maximize operational efficiency, competitiveness and revenue.


Accelerate Your Business

Leverage other secondary marketing technologies, robust automation and actionable data to improve accuracy, maximize profitability and workflow efficiencies, and create corporate transparency.

Optimal Blue PPE

Hedge Analytics

Competitive Analytics