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Investor Content Distribution

Investor Content Distribution

Investors can join our broad secondary marketing network to provide lenders with accessibility to your unique products.

Becoming an investor on Black Knight’s Optimal Blue platform enables you to better serve customers, and opens the door for you to engage with thousands of mortgage lenders and profit from an array of new opportunities.


Gain Access to Thousands of Lenders

By joining Black Knight’s Optimal Blue investor network, you become embedded into the industry’s most widely used Product, Pricing & Eligibility (PPE) engine. This provides you with turnkey access to productive relationships with thousands of mortgage lenders nationwide.

    Gain Access to Thousands of Lenders
    Automated Monitoring & Audits


    Real-Time Rate Promotion

    Through an online and fully integrated platform, mortgage lenders have accessibility to your unique pricing and guidelines in one place, the moment you upload it.

    Our dedicated teams update the changes that you make and do so at scale. Further, the system automatically imports more than 25,000 investor rate sheets daily—a great way to give lenders easy access to your products so you’re always top of mind.


      Make It Easy for Lenders to Work with You

      Our integrated platform enables those that are in the investor network to seamlessly and easily embed themselves into the mortgage businesses and operations of thousands of originators that support retail, wholesale and correspondent channels.

        Gain Access to Thousands of Lenders

        “It was all so easy! Once we joined the network, our products were delivered to lenders in a matter of minutes. We’ve been able to discover new opportunities and scale volume that we otherwise would not have.”

        DeAn Dawson

        Premier Differentiators in our Service and Accuracy

        I’m DeAn Dawson, Director of Investor Services & Client Success. Our impressive investor network is serviced by a team of dedicated Investor Relations Managers that focus solely on your organization and how we can help drive operational success based on your unique business model. I encourage you to contact our team to learn more about how we manage all wholesale and correspondent channels, discover what we can do to help your organization eliminate manual processes, and how those efforts can help improve overall accuracy.


        Take Your Competitive Edge to the Next Level

        Competitive Landscape Report

        Subscribe to our Competitive Landscape Report to run varying amounts of scenarios and compare your organization against other investors for specific loan programs.

        Counterparty Oversight

        Confidently purchase loans from TPOs with ease with our fully automated, end-to-end counterparty oversight platform.

        Prospect Marketing

        Leverage comprehensive prospect marketing solutions to research the market, understand client volume and trends, and develop new business opportunities.


        Comprehensive Support for Expanded Criteria Loans

        Benefiting investor and lender clients alike, our powerful and innovative support capabilities for Non-QM and expanded criteria loans allow investor clients to further expand their suite of product offerings, improve accuracy, and gain new clients. Additionally, lenders can streamline inefficient workflows, enhance their competitive reach with new borrowers, and easily access the expanded guidelines product offerings for 60+ leading investors. Contact our team for additional details on this support.


        Accelerate Your Business

        Leverage a comprehensive suite of investor management solutions to grow relationships and increase engagement. You can also transact, mitigate risk, and identify new and profitable opportunities with ease.

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        prospect marketing

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