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Hedge Analytics

Manage your true net hedge position, mitigate interest rate risk in your mortgage pipeline and maximize profitability.

Our comprehensive hedge analytics solution delivers a unique combination of robust hedging functionality, industry best practices and trading desk services to help leading mortgage lenders confidently manage your pipeline risk.


Maintain Effective Hedge Position

Leverage our live environment and real-time information to effectively enhance hedge positions through seamless, two-way integrations with:

  • The Optimal Blue PPE solution
  • Our loan trading solution
  • GSEs
  • All market aggregators
  • TBA securities pricing
  • Leading loan origination systems
    Maintain Effective Hedge Position
    Model Your Risk Position


    Model Risk Position and Production

    Live modeling functionality and exclusive shock analysis tools enable mortgage lenders to easily compare their current hedge positions to modeled positions and:

    • Maintain accurate intraday hedge posture
    • Manage net open position throughout day
    • Preview results of lifting/adding coverage
    • Anticipate the impact of loan sales
    • Visualize the effects of new production


      Maximize Gains on Every Sale

      With live bulk bid pricing integrated into the system and compared to all other available executions—including best efforts—you will discover the execution that can help maximize your gain on sale. Our unique true best execution functionality is a game-changer for lenders.

      In a recent study, we discovered that clients managing a $60 million per month origination business can earn an additional $24,000 per month by using our true best executiuon functionality.

        Maximize Gains on Every Sale
        Model Your Risk Position


        Real-Time Integrations and Data Scrubbing

        Unrivaled data scrubbing provides an early warning of loan-level issues that impact investor eligibility, enabling you to automatically commit only those loans that are eligible for execution.

        Exceptions are highlighted as they happen in real time to provide maximum transparency.


            On-Demand Executive Reporting

            Leadership teams need comprehensive reporting, but in today’s fast-paced mortgage market, they need real-time, granular reporting as well.

            Our hedge analytics solution puts an exceptional amount of managerial and accounting data at your fingertips, including executive summaries of gains and losses and highly detailed net hedge position reports—all of which can be created on demand.

              On-demand Executive Reporting
              INTO A PROFIT CENTER

              “The platform does the committing and hedging for us, allowing us to lean into the Optimal Blue teams’ analytical knowledge and expertise while simultaneously eliminating our risk. They do such a fantastic job for us as a company and have enabled us to become more profitable.

              James Annibella

              Successful Transitions:
              Best Efforts To
              Mandatory Delivery

              I’m James Annibella, a Manager with the hedge analytics team. We believe that making the transition from Best Efforts to Mandatory Delivery is one of the most critical decisions you and your company will ever make. Not only can it affect your bottom line, it can have a significant impact on many aspects of your business. For those reasons and more, it is important to have the right knowledge, training, and ongoing support. We believe in knowing and understanding our clients’ businesses; what do they do today, where do they want to go tomorrow, and what is important to their employees, management, and shareholders. We will dedicate the time to know you and your business as it evolves. Are you ready to get started?


              Maximize the Power of Your Hedge Solution

              Personalized Service Options

              Leverage the talent of our team and yours in the way that best suits your company—today and tomorrow.

              • Full-Service: Outsource your hedge operation to our team of knowledgeable experts
              • Hybrid: Combine the expertise of your team and ours
              • Self-Service: Enable your team to leverage our industry-leading technology directly
              Valuation of Mortgage Servicing Rights

              Quickly calculate and understand the accurate valuations based on current market conditions.

              • Accurately and easily value your servicing book
              • Leverage MSR valuations for quarterly call reports
              • Create financial insights quickly to support audits
              • Improve financial forecasting and decision-making
              Best Efforts Mark-to-Market

              Leverage the industry’s leading PPE to create accurate marks for internal compliance and regulators alike.

              • Accurately mark best efforts locks to current market
              • Receive your marks on an interim and month-end basis
              • Configure marks to current market or locked investor
              • Generate summary and loan-level reporting
              • Replace hours of manual work with minutes of automation


              A New Metric for Hedging Pipeline Fallout Risk

              In this white paper, we introduce a new metric for hedging mortgage pipeline fallout risk. We benchmark that metric against common practice in the mortgage origination industry and show that by taking into consideration the steady-state nuances of a mortgage pipeline, a mortgage originator can reduce overall exposure to interest rate risk.


              Accelerate Your Business

              Leverage other secondary marketing technologies, robust automation and actionable data to improve accuracy, maximize profitability and workflow efficiencies, and create corporate transparency.

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              Competitive Analytics