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Counterparty Oversight

Counterparty Oversight

Drive compelling new efficiencies, confidently support third-party oversight due diligence and monitoring demands.

Leverage a sophisticated and fully automated end-to-end counterparty oversight solution to efficiently and securely purchase loans from third-party originators with increased trust and confidence.


Simplify the Application Process

With instantaneous access to every third-party originator and loan officer that exists in NMLS® Consumer AccessSM, users can streamline their strategic initiatives.

Further, users can simplify counterparty application and renewal processes while simultaneously eliminating unnecessary inefficiencies, risks and expenses associated to the application process.

    Simplify Application Process
    Management, Monitoring & Due Diligence


    Management and Due Diligence

    Our robust solution supports the policies and procedures that you have established within your compliance management system. Continuous monitoring helps to keep organizational compliance current while methodical automation improves accuracy and transparency to satisfy internal and external compliance requirements. Protect your business reputation and potential liabilities by meeting all regulatory requirements of the CFPB, FDIC and NCUA.


      Electronically Manage TPO Documents

      Leverage automation to simplify the collection and management of TPO documentation. Once a TPO uploads their documents, there is no need for them to provide those documents again. Due to integration with NMLS® Consumer AccessSM, our solution will automatically populate stored data to streamline administrative tasks. All documentation associated with a TPO is easily retrievable in the system’s record library and comprehensive audit trails are always provided.

        Electronically Manage TOP Documents

        In today’s evolving regulatory climate, it’s imperative to employ an advanced solution that can effectively and efficiently support TPO demands with automation, unmatched data consistency and accuracy.

        Lisa Pizula

        Discover Why Counterparty Oversight is Important

        Hi, my name is Lisa Pizula and I’m a Director of Client Solutions. There are a variety of benefits that come from the use of a comprehensive counterparty oversight solution. For example, our functionality can help you avoid redundant workflows, low-producing partners, and those unnecessary onboarding and review costs. While these time and cost savings are great, it is also so important to safeguard your relationships and liability by doing what you can to meet regulatory requirements. I encourage you to contact us directly for additional details, we are here and ready to help.


        Maximize the Power of Counterparty Oversight

        Integration APIs

        With advanced API integrations, you can easily gain access to counterparty data and use it in any system. Automatically populate data into your LOS system to create accounts and quickly pull those accounts up in your CRM.

        Powerful Data and Reporting Capabilities

        Access powerful, on-demand data visualizations through an intuitive dashboard and enjoy a paperless environment with customized reports, whenever you need them.

        Interactive Mobile App

        Place the power of our investor management solution in the palm of your hands. Our interactive mobile app:

        • Promotes in-field prospecting and sales success
        • Provides insights into prospects and clients in each market
        • Enables access to application details on the go


        Maximize TPO Relationships and Minimize Oversight Risk

        Conducting annual reviews on TPOs has always been a time-consuming task. Even with automation and technical efficiencies in the quality control arena, resources are often allocated to areas that demand more constant oversight efforts than renewals. This has led a significant percentage of third-party investors to fall back on manual processes for their annual renewals. Download our Third-Party Best Practices & Checklist to learn how to maximize TPO relationships and minimize oversight risk!


        Accelerate Your Business

        Leverage a comprehensive suite of investor management solutions to grow relationships and increase engagement. You can also transact, mitigate risk, and identify new and profitable opportunities with ease.

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