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Competitive Analytics

Competitive Analytics

Compete more effectively by knowing exactly where you stand in comparison to peers in every market.

Remain at the forefront of the competition with sophisticated industry benchmarking tools that illustrate mortgage market performance, enable you to compare margins and profitability, and assess the effectiveness of organizational strategies.


View Loan Production Trends

Advanced volume benchmarking allows you to compare loan production to the overall market and chart trends across specific time periods like week, month, or year.

Users also benefit from the ability to compare the percentage of locks that observed change requests or lock extensions to the overall market, as well as historically tracking market share by production percentile market rank comparisons. Filtering parameters include:

  • Business channel
  • Institution type
  • State or MSA
  • Loan type
  • …and many more!
View Loan Production Trends
Compare & Chart at the Loan Level


Compare and Chart at the Loan Level

Lending profile benchmarking allows you to easily compare characteristics of your loan production by charting loan-level parameters such as FICO, LTV, loan amount, property type, occupancy, loan type, and loan purpose against the overall market.


Better Position Your Company for Success

We provide a market comparison for a variety of secondary marketing metrics that impact profitability. View margins and concessions side by side for any region, and compare your organization to the average margin and issued concessions of your competitors.

Filter by business channel, institution type, state, MSA, product, and much more.

    Better Position Your Company for Success

    Optimal Blue has supported the daily activity of mortgage buyers and sellers for close to two decades, generating an incredible amount of transactional data and uniquely positioning them to achieve an entirely new scope of market transparency and competitive insight.

    Erin Wester

    Discover the Many Benefits of Competitive Analytics

    I’m Erin Wester, Vice President, Product Management, Optimal Blue. Competitive Analytics is a game changer! Updated with new transactional data daily, it is a sharp contrast to historical HMDA or survey data that lenders have relied upon in the past. We find that clients are ecstatic with their sudden ability to have full transparency and visibility into what exactly is happening elsewhere in the market and with their peers. They crave this type of granular data because it puts the power in their hands. Are you ready to discover what all of the buzz is about?


    How Clients Use Our Competitive Mortgage Market Data

    Profitability Benchmarking

    Gain confidence in geographical pricing strategies by analyzing rate and price comparisons with the market, while simultaneously drilling deep into margin and concession benchmark capabilities.

    Portfolio Monitoring

    Manage lock portfolios to ensure loan characteristics match targeted quality, while being able to compare market breakdowns in side-by-side comparisons.

    Volume Benchmarking

    Answer questions around lock volume volatility with competitive data at your fingertips. Not only will you understand your lock volume changes over time, but you will have the ability to evaluate those trends with your competitors.


    Be More Competitive with Actionable Data and Analytics

    Lenders are experiencing a surge in production, requiring access to real-time business intelligence to understand how well they perform. Discover innovative tools to gauge performance through dynamic visualizations that illustrate market position, compare margins and profitability, and assess the effectiveness of operational strategies.


    Enable Better Decisions

    Leverage the full suite of actionable data and analytics to visualize and track performance, compare profit margins, and assess the effectiveness of secondary marketing strategies.

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