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Actionable Intelligence Platform (AIP)

Actionable Intelligence Platform (AIP)


Driving Performance Across the Organization

What is the AIP?

The Actionable Intelligence Platform℠ (AIP) is a unified framework for delivering proactive, strategic and actionable intelligence to clients across the loan life cycle. It solves the industry challenge of leveraging “big data” from multiple, segmented databases to improve performance. The AIP can leverage any active data set – including Black Knight, client, or third-party system data, to provide analytics that help clients generate revenue, improve efficiencies, and support compliance initiatives.

Types of AIP Analytics

AIP analytics are offered in three individual collections:

  • Origination Collection: Supports lenders’ growth strategies, lead management, loan loss, underwriting, closing, TRID-compliance monitoring and more.
  • Servicing Collection: Enhances customer retention, portfolio management and compliance.
  • Home Equity Collection: Delivers intelligence to drive operational efficiencies and home equity portfolio performance.

Who Uses the AIP?

The AIP is used by mortgage lenders and servicers that are faced with rising costs, complex compliance requirements and a highly competitive customer market.

Why Companies Choose The AIP

While traditional business intelligence looks back, AIP is proactive and in the moment, providing immediacy and delivering predictive and actionable intelligence to users within their systems of record. Additionally, the AIP leverages data from numerous sources to deliver the most actionable analytics.