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Mortgage Servicing Platform (MSP®)

Mortgage Servicing Platform (MSP®)


What is MSP?

MSP is a loan servicing software that handles every loan servicing need. The software supports the full servicing spectrum – from payment processing to escrow administration, default management and much more. As the standard in the mortgage industry, MSP is used to service more than 36 million active loans in the U.S. 

Who Uses MSP?

MSP is used by financial institutions (banks, mortgage companies, credit unions, etc.) that service home loans and home equity loans and lines.

Why Companies Choose MSP

MSP is a top choice because it provides:

  • SCALABILITY:  Supports loan portfolios of all sizes
  • EFFICIENCY: Streamlining and automating workflows
  • COMPLIANCE: Continuous enhancements for regulatory support
  • CUSTOMER-CENTRICITY: Supporting borrower engagement and satisfaction