Transforming Credit Unions …

With the Right Mortgage Servicing Software

With the MSP® software from Black Knight, credit unions can automate manual, time-intensive processes, so teams can focus more on their members.

No other mortgage servicing software can match MSP’s comprehensive functionality, scalability, continuous regulatory updates and secure integrations.

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The Power to Transform Your Operations and Member Service

For more than 50 years, financial institutions across the U.S. have relied on MSP, Black Knight’s premier mortgage servicing software, to improve business performance. MSP automates all areas of loan servicing – from loan boarding to disposition, and it supports any size portfolio.

Experience Greater Efficiencies with MSP

  • Reduces servicing costs
  • Supports numerous loan products
  • Provides seamlessly integrated services
  • Helps maximize back-office operations
  • Automates all areas of loan servicing, increasing employee productivity

Enhance the Member Experience and Improve Retention

  • Frees up staff to deliver superior service to credit union customers
  • Integrates with Black Knight’s Servicing Digital℠, a mobile solution that provides borrowers with self-service capabilities and tools to manage housing wealth
  • Helps you provide faster, more accurate loan information
  • Integrates with nationwide property data to help you identify retention opportunities

Decrease Compliance Costs

  • Addresses evolving compliance requirements
  • Eliminates the need for stand-alone systems
  • Reduces the potential for fines
  • Supports reporting and audit requirements
  • Protects member data with data masking and encryption

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