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Black Knight Customer Service

Black Knight Customer Service

Efficient, Superior One-Call Resolutions

The Black Knight Customer Service solution provides a holistic view of a borrower’s mortgage loan on just one screen with an array of unique features and an intuitive user interface – facilitating faster and more accurate responses to customer inquiries.

Deliver Faster, Better Borrower Support

With the Black Knight Customer Service solution, representatives can easily view recent and upcoming mortgage loan activity, pending payments, escrow information, and much more. And to help representatives provide the most informed customer support, solution enables quick access to loan recast options, MIP/PMI-waiver eligibility and home values and neighborhood details.

Black Knight Customer Service helps:

  • Enhance both the borrower and customer service agent experience
  • Increase retention by improving customer service
  • Save time and create efficiencies
  • Shorten training time for new hires by delivering an easy-to-use solution



Enhancing the Experience for Consumers and Customer Service Representatives

Seamlessly integrated with Black Knight’s MSP® loan servicing system, Customer Service gives customer service representatives the relevant information they need in a single location so they can resolve many issues in just one call. Using a single, easy-to-use screen, representatives can view a wide array of information: a loan overview, a snapshot of the last 30 days and the next 90 days of key activities on the loan, pending payments, escrow information and waiver eligibility, and more.

As a result, representatives can respond to customer questions more quickly, accurately and efficiently. In addition, they can make changes within both the MSP and Customer Service systems, resulting in a more efficient and transparent experience, deeper borrower relationships and increased customer retention.

Customer Service Digital

Intuitive Features for Better Service

  • Tags for customer interactions based on the topic(s) of conversation, which are searchable
  • Customer sentiment notations, helping with better follow-up and retention once a call is finished
  • Conversation threads, enabling multiple employees to share the same set of data when speaking to a customer on separate occasions
  • Eligibility indicators such as PMI waiver eligibility, escrow removal, and home equity or refinance opportunities
  • Escrow capabilities, including requesting trial analyses, what-if proforma calculations, and viewing shortage/overage details and tax and hazard insurance history
  • Generation of payoff statements, with the ability to view any previously requested

Facilitating Seamless Support

Black Knight Customer Service integrates with Servicing Digital, an interactive web and mobile solution for consumers that provides information about their mortgage loan and home. Black Knight clients that pair Customer Service with Servicing Digital will have a view of what borrowers see, helping facilitate an even more productive conversation.


Black Knight Customer Service Provides:




A holistic view of the borrower’s information and loan detail

Increase Profit

The ability for representatives to initiate and complete tasks

APIs Icon

Integration with Black Knight’s MSP servicing system and Servicing Digital


Customer sentiment notations that help improve follow-up activity


Product eligibility indicators such as PMI and Escrow waiver, home equity or refinance opportunities

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