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Industry-leading Loan Servicing System

Discover the Advantages of a Single, Integrated Loan Servicing System for Mortgage and Home Equity

Black Knight’s MSP® loan servicing system delivers one central, comprehensive platform for mortgage and home equity loans. MSP automates all areas of loan servicing – from loan boarding to disposition. Its scalability easily supports portfolios of all sizes.

  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Address regulatory requirements
  • Improve risk mitigation
  • Manage non-performing loans through full integration with Black Knight’s default solutions


The MSP® System is Proven to Help …

Reduce Costs

  • Robust automation increases employee productivity and streamlines back office operations
  • Feature-rich functionality to manage tasks more efficiently
  • Single system for first mortgages and home equity products simplifies operations and decreases IT costs

Mitigate Risk

  • Continually enhanced to support regulations
  • Single system to service various loans reduces compliance and risk complexities
  • Flexibility and scalability to quickly adapt to changing requirements

Customer Service: An Innovative Platform That Delivers Efficient One-Call Resolutions

Today’s consumers expect a higher level of support, more transparency and faster resolutions when calling their mortgage servicer with an issue or question. Customer Service delivers a holistic view of the consumer, enabling representatives to efficiently address customer questions.

Customer Service Digital

Enhancing the Experience for Consumers and Customer Service Representatives

Seamlessly integrated with Black Knight’s MSP® loan servicing system, Customer Service gives customer service representatives the relevant information they need in a single location so they can resolve many issues in just one call. The result – an enhanced, streamlined consumer experience to help you significantly improve customer satisfaction.

Using a single, easy-to-use screen, representatives can view a wide array of information: a loan overview, a snapshot of the last 30 days and the next 90 days of key activities on the loan, pending payments, escrow information and waiver eligibility, and more. 

Think Customer … By Offering an Innovative, Consumer-centric Mobile Solution

Servicing DigitalSM is a powerful, cutting-edge mobile solution for servicers to provide to their customers. Built and tested with consumers in mind, this interactive, customer-centric solution delivers detailed, timely and highly personalized information about the value of a consumer’s home and how much wealth can be built from their real estate asset.

Deepen Customer Relationships and Increase Retention

Offered as both a responsive web design and native mobile app, the white-labeled solution delivers fast, simple and seamless access to the loan- and home-related information and services consumers want in one accessible location to:

  • Make loan payments
  • Explore “what-if” payment calculation options
  • Receive loan notifications
  • View home value
  • View recent neighborhood sales and other local information

Streamlining the Default Process

Black Knight’s advanced solutions can help simplify the complex process for loans that move into default, while supporting compliance requirements. These tools, data and analytics can help limit losses and keep more borrowers in their homes.

For non-performing loans, Black Knight’s industry-leading servicing system and suite of innovative default solutions help reduce cycle times, decrease operating costs and improve efficiencies.

72% of the top 25 leverage Black Knight technology for default processing
MSP® Loan Servicing System

Automates all areas of loan servicing — including default functionalities — on one, comprehensive system. Backed by a team of experienced consultants, trainers and 24/7 client support. Learn more about MSP loan servicing software.

Loss Mitigation℠ Solution

Uses rules-driven workflow management to help you quickly and easily implement regulatory changes and new loan workout programs. Helps decrease costs, increase process efficiencies and mitigate risk. To support compliance, distressed loan activities can be tracked, time-stamped and recorded.

Bankruptcy℠ Solution

Replaces the time-consuming, labor-intensive loan bankruptcy process with robust automation via workflow and configurable, rules-based technology. Can help you minimize errors, reduce risk, increase processing volumes and manage court notices.

Foreclosure℠ Solution

Deploys automated workflow management technology and a configurable business rules engine to facilitate foreclosure process productivity. Processes are configurable to existing business practices and will conform to investor guidelines.

Claims℠ Solution

Streamlines default-related claims processing for all types of claims and loss analysis functions. Includes complete, automated capabilities that create, track, submit and reconcile each claim type, before storing the claim package online with all related documentation.

Invoicing℠ Solution

Helps you save time, eliminate errors, reduce processing expenses and prevent default-related losses by automating the billing and invoice process – from invoice setup to post-payment activities.

Boost Retention Rates, Recapture More Customers With Capture

Discover the Advantages of a Single, Integrated Loan Servicing System for Mortgage and Home Equity

Customer retention is one of the most pressing challenges servicers face. To retain and recapture business, it’s critical to engage the right customers at the right time with automated, intelligent lead selection from your servicing portfolio.

With CaptureSM, Black Knight’s lead analytics platform, servicers can automatically and continually identify loans that could benefit from refinancing based on current home equity and/or current first-lien rates, as well as those that may be eligible for home equity offers based on up-to-date home price data. The solution helps you keep your company’s brand in front of your customers, which is critical in today’s highly competitive industry.

If you’re ready to take control of retention with the Capture lead analytics platform, email us at

    Gain Insights into Your Loan Servicing Operations

    Our enterprise business intelligence (EBI) platform helps make your servicing data easier to access, understand and act upon. Our solutions enable you to get the right information to the right people at the right time – and in the right way – so you become more efficient, productive and compliant across your entire organization.

    Actionable Analytics

    The Actionable Intelligence PlatformSM (AIPSM) is a unified framework for delivering actionable intelligence across the loan life cycle – giving every level of an organization the information and tools needed to help drive stronger performance. Lenders and servicers can use the AIP to grow their businesses and reduce processing time, costs and risks.

    Black Knight has integrated its extensive data assets and proprietary analytics into a big data ecosystem that delivers proactive, strategic and actionable analytics to the right person, at the right time and in the right way.

    Loan Servicing Portfolio Monitoring & Benchmarking

    Rapid Analytics Platform (RAP) 

    A cloud-hosted analytics platform that allows users to import their proprietary data and link it back to Black Knight’s McDash loan-level, public Records and government data. Used for measuring and determining mark-to-market analyses, retention data, estimated losses, run-off/loan-loss analyses and for creating data cohorts.

    McDash Loan-level Data

    Gain access to the industry’s leading loan-level database of mortgage assets for high-quality benchmarking and analysis. This powerful database spans the entire credit spectrum of agency, non-agency and portfolio products.

    AFT Prepayment and Credit Model

    Evaluates multiple risk factors and forecasts expected mortgage outcomes for all product types and mortgage features in any economic scenario.

    Data Science

    Black Knight’s Data Science links data and advanced machine-learning techniques by using algorithms to automatically uncover hidden insights, revealing endless possibilities to help your business.

    Housing and Mortgage Market Insights for Loan Servicing

    Black Knight’s Index Suite is composed of industry-leading property and mortgage datasets, and uses modeling and analytics techniques that have been perfected over the past 20 years.

    Market Valuations: Index Suite

    Mortgage Market Index

    Tracks changes in portfolio-risk profiles via Mortgage Origination and Mortgage Performance Indices, each consisting of monthly time series measuring market and mortgage performance over the life cycle of a group of loans.

    Housing Market Index

    Provides easier matching with Credit Risk Transfer data and GSE single-family mortgage performance data. It also provides Home Price Index (HPI) forecast scenarios, in addition to the comprehensive views of historical monthly home price movements, and time coverage extending back to 1975.

    Home Listing Index

    The Home Listing Index provides previously unavailable insights into the supply side of the housing market. It measures housing market liquidity, active listing inventory, and active listing price trends – all by geography and over time.

    Property Data, Intelligence and Insight for Loan Servicing Operations

    Get access to the nation’s leading data repository, with records on 99.9% of the U.S. population and households in 3,100 counties across the U.S.

    New Lien Alerts

    Receive instant, automated alerts about liens against the properties in your portfolio. Alerts are provided for new mortgages recorded; foreclosure/default status; tax delinquency; bankruptcy; payment shock due to ARM resets; lien status change; value changes; ownership and occupancy changes; and MLS listings.

    HOA Lien Monitoring

    Identifies HOA liens and/or delinquency information that may present risk to a portfolio, such as HOA super liens that take precedence over a first mortgage in super-lien states. Can provide HOA lien copies, payoffs, ledgers and estoppel letters to provide servicers with a better understanding of the HOA lien status.

    Uncover Hidden Property Taxes

    Black Knight Property Tax quickly identifies properties with delinquent taxes, even if a third party purchased the obligation. The solution uncovers all tax agencies and bills to help servicers reduce risk, and decrease the cost of procuring tax data.

      • Helps reduce the risk of property loss
      • Increases efficiencies by providing a one-stop shop for tax data
      • Helps decrease the costs of procuring tax data
      • Facilitates delinquent tax payments by providing contact information