A Scalable, High-Performance Loan Origination System that is Quick to Deploy

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In today’s market, a loan origination system (LOS) needs to be dynamic, scalable and integrated – as well as offer the digital capabilities consumers expect. The Black Knight Empower® LOS delivers all this and more.

With Empower, lenders can originate both first mortgages and home equity loans on one system to help improve cycle times, lower costs, enhance the consumer experience and reduce risk. And lenders can take advantage of Empower’s advanced automation, digital APIs, regulatory support and much more in less time and at a reduced cost.

For a best-in-class, powerful and cost-effective LOS, get Empower… now.

Everything a Lender Needs to Optimize Performance


Supports any size lender; scales to business growth.


Enables lenders to manage workflow, add integrations and support product changes without the need for code development.


Enforces loan quality using the Business Rules Engine, document audits, data validations and more.

Quick Implementation

Offers implementation in as little as four to six months.

Artificial Intelligence

Integrates cutting-edge artificial intelligence and machine learning to perform redundant tasks at scale.


Enables access to RESTful web APIs to support proprietary platform integrations.


Reduces implementation costs.


Offers digital point-of-sale capabilities and web APIs to support a lender’s digital strategy.

Servicing Integration

Integrated with MSP® – the industry’s leading loan servicing system.

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