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The Ernst® Fee Service software includes a comprehensive set of solutions designed to help lenders streamline the closing-fees data process and support CFPB compliance.


Real estate transaction fees constantly change, presenting a daily challenge for lenders. The ErnstSM Fee Monitoring Service software can alert you to fee changes, automatically recalculate the fees and provide updated quotes.

The solution monitors recording fees and transfer taxes, as well as settlement services, title premiums, inspections, appraisals and more.

  • Monitors all active loan quotes
  • Recalculates fee changes
  • Identifies fee changes that impact pipeline loans
  • Alerts clients within 24 hours

Lights-Out Process in the Empower® Loan Origination System

The ErnstSM Fee Monitoring Service software integrates with Empower®, Black Knight’s loan origination system – automating and streamlining the process even further. Fee changes are “pushed” to Empower every night; a change of circumstance disclosure is automatically triggered; and once the lender approves it, a new Loan Estimate is sent to the consumer.

This entire lights-out process occurs within just 24 hours, helping lenders more easily meet TRID’s three-day disclosure requirement.


With Smart Query®, lenders can process multiple calculations simultaneously for:

  • Recording fees and transfer taxes
  • Property taxes
  • Inspection services
  • Title services from multiple providers
  • Enhanced Fees

A date-forward feature enables clients to run calculations for a future closing. These fees are projected to change and are dependent on final jurisdiction approval.*

*These projected fees are subject to change and are dependent on final jurisdiction approval.


Maintain your existing title relationships; get direct access to your agents’ fees; and populate your Loan Estimate and Closing Disclosure forms in near real time.

The ErnstSM Title Services connect you directly to underwriters and settlement agents nationwide through the Settlement Agent Gateway. You can use the existing network of agents or create your own. Easily approve and migrate all settlement-service fees and provider information directly into a software solution that integrates with your LOS, closing portal and internal programs.

Fees include:

  • Lender’s title premiums
  • Settlement service fees
  • Owner’s title premiums
  • ALTA Registry support
  • Endorsements
  • And more

Lender Benefits

  • Maintain local settlement agent
  • Access standardized fee names
  • Get direct connections to underwriter relationships
  • Access current fees
  • Integrate fees via XML or your LOS

Settlement Agent Benefits

  • Easily input and store fees
  • Update fees anytime
  • Get connected with a lender’s system
  • Provide more accurate fees



The ErnstSM UCC Filing Guide web publication details fees and requirements for filing and searching secured transactions collateralized by personal property in over 4,300 state and local jurisdiction repositories. Access state central filing office information and work with Black Knight’s staff of industry experts.


Custom Fee Engines are designed side by side with clients to create the right solution for their specific needs.

Fee engines can reside with Black Knight or on your local server. With a single XML request and response, the fee engines integrate all proprietary third-party fees into the Loan Estimate and Closing Disclosure forms – in less than a second.

Black Knight Hosted – XML DirectSM

XML Direct provides a seamless solution whether you use it to populate the Loan Estimate and Closing Disclosure forms or update your loan origination system. This comprehensive service manages the entire process for you, minimizing time-consuming fee management and maintenance.

Client-Hosted DLL Solution

This client-hosted DLL solution is ideal for large companies that prefer to maintain programs internally. Whether you’re using a custom solution or the ErnstSM standard XML interface, all of the data can reside on your site. As updates are made to your fees and calculation algorithms, a new set of DLLs will be provided to you nightly.


A custom Mobile Application gives you the power to get the deal done, with your data, your branding, and a customized URL. We can easily create a mobile application to mirror your company’s personalized quoting program, net sheet or pre-data application that includes your own proprietary data.


Client Services, Website Support, Product Information and Sales

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