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Borrower Digital

Borrower Digital is a highly advanced, end-to-end solution designed to enhance the borrower experience. This easy-to-use, mobile solution guides the borrower through the prequalification, preapproval and refinance process via a simple, intuitive Q&A format. Borrower Digital automatically validates both data and documents and alerts the borrower of immediate next steps – reducing cycle times and improving the overall borrower experience.


Borrower Digital offers a highly automated and seamless loan prequalification and application process. With numerous self-service functions available for borrowers and near real-time document review and feedback, the solution helps significantly reduce application-to-close times. Additionally, Borrower Digital increases data integrity and consistency thanks to integration with the Empower® loan origination system (LOS), meaning only one data source is used throughout the entire process.

This tight integration with the LOS means there’s no need to develop and maintain multiple connection points or multi-system interfaces, thereby reducing complexities.


Using advanced decisioning and automation capabilities, Borrower Digital creates tasks immediately after the application is submitted. Consumers can complete these tasks and perform numerous other functions on a self-service basis from any device, reducing communication delays with the loan officer.

Deliver near real-time feedback to consumers

Leverage functions and workflows within Empower to automate processes and perform third-party verifications

Use a simple, interactive Q&A format to guide consumers

Enable consumers to easily submit the 1003 form, select a product, review pricing and more

Support for unlimited borrower contacts on the same loan