With the COVID-19 outbreak, many county recorder offices have temporarily closed to the public or are working at reduced capacity, creating delays in recording mortgages and deeds, and limiting access to recorded documents. As a result, lenders are experiencing difficulties in confirming if mortgages have been recorded and also verifying lien position.

Gain greater visibility into lien-related activity on your loans with Black Knight’s Lien Alert℠. Lien Alert monitors Black Knight’s comprehensive, nationwide property database and provides notifications on several indictors that could impact loan or borrower status, as well as indicate potential fraud.

This powerful, automated solution helps lenders and servicers effectively manage risk, improve decision-making and better protect their security interest.


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Receive Critical Alerts

Based on a client’s pre-determined rules and frequencies, Lien Alert will send notifications on any or all of these key indicators:

New Loans Recorded

Looks for new loans recorded after the loan’s origination date and sends alerts when any are found.

Lien Status Change

Sends an alert whenever the loan’s lien position has changed to help determine priority level or potential fraud.

HOA Liens

Provides notifications when an HOA, condominium or co-op association in a super-lien state files a lien, or if foreclosure activity is detected.

Foreclosure Activity

Tracks and reports on all stages of the foreclosure process from initial notice of default through foreclosure sale.

Ownership Change

Alerts when there is an ownership change; configurable to all changes or just arm’s length.

Value Change

Monitors property value changes; client-configurable rules regarding the direction and percentage of change.

Tax Delinquency

Looks for active tax delinquencies, which could be an early warning for default or a potential tax sale.

MLS Listing

Monitors MLS to determine if a property is listed.


Searches for active bankruptcy of the borrower; tracks the bankruptcy stages through dismissal/discharge.


Uses property address, and borrower(s) name to find involuntary liens/judgments such as tax liens, civil judgments, and more.

Complete the form to learn how to monitor lien recordings during the COVID-19 crisis. 

Learn how to monitor lien recordings during the COVID-19 crisis.