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Customized, Efficient Invoice Handling

Streamline the management of invoices from multiple vendors with Black Knight’s InvoicingSM solution – a sophisticated, web-based system that helps servicers save time and eliminate errors by automating every aspect of the billing and invoice process. Invoicing enables servicers to work with all their vendors on a single, end-to-end solution that incorporates Black Knight’s advanced workflow and rules-based technology, letting them configure the way their organization processes invoices.

Standardize and Streamline Every Step of Invoicing

From invoice set-up and processing to post-payment activities, Black Knight’s Invoicing delivers comprehensive capabilities and robust automation that help servicers gain efficiencies and maximize bottom lines. Invoicing integrates with Black Knight’s MSP® servicing system and other Black Knight default servicing solutions.

The solution helps servicers:

  • Handle invoices in a standardized format
  • Gain efficiencies
  • Save time and expenses
  • Automate otherwise manual, labor-intensive processes
  • Reduce errors

Efficient Access to Service-Released or Acquired Loan Invoices 

To track invoices inherited from service-released or acquired loans, servicers can take advantage of the Invoice Copy feature, which enables users to view inherited invoices directly from the Invoicing application instead of searching a repository for previously billed expenses or scrolling through pages of documents to find an image. Additionally, invoices are automatically associated with the new servicer’s loan numbers

End-to-End Features

Workflow and rules-based technology



Documents with Charts




Access to all vendors on one system


Configurable to servicers’ unique processes


Integration with the MSP servicing system



Invoice Copy tracks service-released or acquired loan invoices

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