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Comprehensive Capabilities in a Single Solution

Streamline default-related claims processing with Black Knight’s ClaimsSM solution, offering complete, end-to-end workflow functionality to manage all claims functions in one solution.

Claims helps servicers automate time-consuming, manual tasks, saving them time and promoting greater data consistency. The application tracks, submits and reconciles each claim type, while storing the package and all related documentation.

Configurable Rules and Servicer-Specific Workflows

Claims automatically creates an appropriate claim when a loan becomes eligible, based on a servicer’s designated event triggers. Work tasks are then distributed based on event, claim type, status and/or servicer business rules. Once a claim is completed, invoices and relevant paperwork are submitted to appropriate parties and stored in Claims for viewing and printing.

The solution helps servicers:

  • Eliminate manual work, saving time and resources
  • Expand processing volumes
  • Increase data accuracy and consistency
  • Improve timeframe compliance
  • Decrease curtailments
  • Improve loss analysis processing

End-to-End Features

Integration with MSP® servicing system


Automatic creation, processing and submission

Work assignment


Configurable rules for exceptions and workflow needs

Documents with Charts

Invoice and document matching

Decrease Time

Storage of
claims history


Claim payment

Investor and mortgage insurer status and interface

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