Lower Operational Costs

Automate key functions like product and pricing, hedging, loan trading, MSR valuation, investor relations and other processes to streamline your operations, increase productivity and reduce costs. Drive decision-making with robust data and sophisticated analytics to elevate your financial performance.

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Cost-Saving Efficiency on a Comprehensive, Integrated Platform

Black Knight’s innovative and integrated technology, data and analytics solutions help capital markets professionals create more efficient, affordable and reliable operations. Our solutions seamlessly integrate mortgage performance data, portfolio management intelligence, expansive property data, default and prepayment forecasting models, rental market data, lien monitoring and more.

  • Transact in real-time using the largest online loan trading platform 
  • Manage mortgage pipeline risk with robust hedging functionality
  • Leverage sophisticated MSR valuation models 
  • Confidently execute profitable lending strategies with integrated pricing

Solutions for Lowering Capital Markets Costs

Reducing your operating costs and maximizing financial performance is all about the data. Black Knight’s integrated technology, data and analytics solutions streamline your workflow with advanced automation and deliver seamless access to industry-leading data and sophisticated analytics. Work smarter and faster to lower your operating costs and maximize profitability.

Products & Services to help lower your operational costs

Black Knight’s industry-leading capital markets solutions support all sizes of portfolios, loan types and processes. Our solutions include the following products and services to help you work more efficiently, make confident decisions and lower your costs.

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Risk management platform that provides the tools, reporting, calculations and automation capabilities to supports lenders’ needs.

Investor Content Distribution

Engage with thousands of mortgage lenders and profit from an array of opportunities.

Loansifter® PPE

Self-service product, pricing and eligibility engine designed exclusively for mortgage brokers.

MSR Platform℠

Offers tiered MSR solutions to meet the needs of any size servicer.

Optimal Blue® PPE

The industry’s most widely used product, pricing and eligibility (PPE) engine.

Optimal Blue® Secondary Services

Manage your true net hedge position, mitigate interest rate risk in your mortgage pipeline and improve profitability.

Rapid Analytics Platform℠ (RAP℠)

Innovative, cloud-based software for users to access diverse data assets and run advanced analytics.

Mortgage-Backed Securities Data (eMBS)

Industry-leading solution for mortgage-backed security data.

Rapid Analytics Platform℠ (RAP℠)

Innovative, cloud-based software for users to access diverse data assets and run advanced analytics.

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