Black Knight Enhances the Rapid Analytics Platform With Powerful New Capabilities

  • The Rapid Analytics Platform (RAP) offers a single, cloud-based source for data and analytics
  • The full breadth of Black Knight’s data and analytics – including McDash mortgage performance data – is instantly accessible and usable for custom analysis within RAP
  • RAP has been enhanced to include a series of specialized analytics developed to provide deep insights from Black Knight’s unparalleled McDash mortgage performance loan-level dataset
  • In addition, new portfolio retention analytics have been added to support retention and recapture analysis by identifying subsequent property and/or borrower activity around paid-off loans
  • RAP’s flexibility and robust capabilities allow enterprises to innovate and scale to meet their strategic goals, while reducing the need for capital budgeting and IT overhead

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Feb. 25, 2020 — Black Knight, Inc. (NYSE:BKI), a premier provider of innovative, mission-critical technology, data and analytics spanning the residential mortgage life cycle, announced that it has enhanced its Rapid Analytics Platform (RAP) with powerful new capabilities. Users will now have access to a new series of specialized analytics built around Black Knight’s industry-leading McDash mortgage performance data as well as new portfolio analytics that help support retention and recapture analysis to streamline retention efforts.

With RAP, users gain direct access to data, advanced analytics, and a unique ability to accelerate innovative, data-driven strategies – all within a dedicated, cloud-hosted environment. Developed for a variety of users in the mortgage, real estate and capital markets industries, RAP offers the flexibility of a data science platform combined with a set of analytics to satisfy multiple business applications for origination, servicing and risk professionals, as well as portfolio managers, analysts and traders. The new capabilities within RAP include:

  • A series of specialized analytics developed to form deep insights from Black Knight’s unparalleled McDash mortgage performance loan-level dataset. RAP’s scalability enables users to easily perform complex static pool analyses across billions of rows with results displayed in a table or using various graphs or a new pivot table option.
  • New portfolio retention analytics help support retention and recapture analysis by identifying subsequent property and/or borrower activity around paid-off loans, including whether the loan payoff was due to a refinance, a property sale or normal payoff. In the case of a refinance, the analytics can identify whether the financial institution retained the borrower or, if not, which lender captured the business. Recapture rates can be benchmarked against the overall market, and other specified lenders and servicers.

“With access to so much rich, diverse data and advanced analytics, clients who work with housing-related assets now have a one-stop shop for an unlimited number of use cases across the entire loan life cycle,” said Julian Grey, senior vice president of Black Knight’s Data & Analytics Mortgage and Capital Markets Group. “RAP’s new enhancements give users even more ability to efficiently and cost-effectively develop significant insights for their companies. Black Knight is continuing to invest in our premier data and analytics platform, one that is central to our clients’ portfolio management strategies, and we plan to continue to announce additional RAP capabilities.”

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