A Surefire Way to Capture Leads – and Keep Them

Generating and retaining leads is the pathway to success in the mortgage industry, but in today’s housing market downturn lead generation has become tougher than in recent years. Buyers and borrowers face rising interest rates coupled with a tight housing inventory – and implementing new workflows to overcome these challenges can take time. What lenders need is an economical and efficient customer relationship management (CRM) tool that not only finds new leads but retains and recaptures customers already in the pipeline.

Every new lead is valuable

To garner as many leads as possible, lenders need to stay nimble and flexible – and they need to nurture new prospects as soon as they come looking. But responding to prospects with tailored messaging can be time-consuming. That’s why the right CRM can automatically trigger relevant outreach to prospects, as well as in-process borrowers and past customers. Mortgage marketing automation takes the burden off lenders with engaging, educational omnichannel outreach for borrowers and prospects throughout the loan process.

Not just any CRM will do

There are so many CRM solutions on the market that choosing the best one can seem like a monumental task. And if you pick a generic CRM, the follow-up work – configuring targeted workflows, optimizing drip campaigns, integrating with an existing tech stack, and more – can seem even more daunting.

But a CRM designed specifically for the mortgage industry can offer lenders a streamlined, “set it and forget it” experience. Built-in workflows can be configured to trigger co-branded, targeted outreach throughout the home purchase process and afterward, allowing lenders to stay top of mind when borrowers need another loan or a refi, even years later. A great mortgage CRM can also offer interactive and informative marketing content, which can help smaller lenders stand out among big banks armed with multimillion-dollar marketing budgets.

Strengthen relationships with referral partners

The right mortgage CRM does more than just focus on prospects, it also focuses on partners. Drip campaigns can help a lender stay connected with existing and potential referral partners, and co-branded marketing content can strengthen those relationships by featuring both the lender’s and the real estate referral partner’s contact information.

An effective mortgage CRM platform will also sync realtor contact data with a loan origination system (LOS), which can help lenders build their real estate referral partner database. When the LOS and CRM talk with one another in real time, partners receive in-process mortgage marketing content along with their client. If a client stalls during the loan process, both the lender and real estate agent can reach out to help move things along.

In today’s highly competitive mortgage market, lenders need to work smarter – not harder – to target and win leads.


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