Black Knight Executive Biographies

The Black Knight team is committed to providing the strategic solutions and superior customer support that create enhanced value for your business. Black Knight is a leading resource on insights in the mortgage industry. Visit Thought Leadership to learn more.

Anthony Jabbour

Executive Chairman

Joe Nackashi

Chief Executive Officer

Kirk Larsen

President and Chief Financial Officer

Pete Carrara

Chief Information Officer

George FitzGerald

Executive Vice President, Enterprise Client Support

Richard Gagliano

President, Origination Technologies

Ben Graboske

President, Data & Analytics

Mike Gravelle

Executive Vice President and General Counsel

Colleen Haley

Corporate Secretary

Ryan Hallett

Chief Risk Officer

James Iredale

Chief Information Technology Officer

Michelle Kersch

Chief Marketing and Communications Officer

Sandra Madigan

Executive Vice President, Chief Digital Officer

Kevin McMahon

Optimal Blue, a Division of Black Knight

Bob Pinder

Chief Compliance Officer

Anthony Reyes

Chief Audit Officer

Victor Soler-Sala

Executive Vice President, Enterprise Sales

Ravi Varma

Managing Director and President,
Black Knight India